Boscombe Cliff Gardens were opened in 1900 and by 1904 some of the gardens had been replaced by the 1st lawn bowls green to bear the name of Boscombe Cliff Bowling Club.  

Boscombe Gardens on June 6 1900. Taken by Frank Henson.

In 1910 the gardens covered a 6-acre site which included a croquet lawn, 2 grassed tennis courts as well as the bowling green.   The bowling green must have been successful as permission was granted in 1922 to use the croquet lawn for a 2nd bowling green in 1923.  

However in November, 1924, a 7 foot slice of the cliff disappeared in a great storm which brought the bowling club right to the edge.   With part of the green disappearing play continued on the 3 rinks parallel to the sea, while a new green was being constructed, which was further east on the corner of Woodlands Avenue, its present site.

Nowadays the maintenance of the green and surrounds have been handed over to the club who are fully responsible for keeping them in superb condition, and there are several keen gardeners among the membership who are restoring the gardens.