A number of our members have enhanced the reputation of the club by winning prestigious competitions and gaining selection at county and national level .  In recognition of these achievements the EBA Presidents brought  prestigious teams to celebrate both our 75 and 100 years.

International & National Honours World Championships 1980 Jim Hobday Triples Gold Medal Melbourne

Empire &Commonwealth Games 1958 Walter Phillips Singles Gold Medal Cardiff 2002 D Morgan Pairs Silver Medal Manchester

1985 British Isles Fours Winners L Pull P Pull R Morgan C Paice

English International Players 1937 George Curtis 1955 1957-1963 Walter Phillips 1962 Walter Phillips Capt 1971-1973 Jimmy Davidson 1977-1984 Jim Hobday 1985 R Morgan 1990 P Pull Junior Int 1993/4 D Morgan Junior Int 1999-2005 D Morgan 2014 Russell Morgan – Trialist

E.B.A. Singles Championships 1968 Walter Phillips Finalist 1969 Jimmy Davidson 1976 Jim Hobday U 25

E.B.A. Pairs Championship 1978 J Hobday A Gabb Finalists 1994 D Morgan R Morgan Semi Finalist

B.E. Pairs 2013 C Daniels and M Hutley Semi Finalist

E.B.A. Triples Championship 1999 D Morgan R Morgan J Haines

E.B.A. Fours Championship 1936 E Havelock A Walters H Perkins G Curtis 1945 W Peel C Miller E Havelock F Blankley S/F 1946 W Peel C Miller E Havelock F Blankley S/F 1968 C Jones S Bonner J Davidson W Phillips Finalist 1984 L Pull P Pull R Morgan C Paice

B.E. Mixed Pairs 2012 J Hudson and C Daniels Semi Finalist 2015 J Hudson and C Daniels Runners Up

EBA Top Four 1986 R Morgan

EBA Champion of Champion       1996 D Morgan Finalist

BE Champion of Champions        2010 C Daniels Runner Up 2012 C Daniels Quarter Finalist

E.B.A. International Selector    2005 – 2008 Julian Haines

Other Titles News Chronicle Gold Cup 1948 W Peele A Walters F Blankley M Havelock 1951 W Hannam E Webb E Brown C Revell

Gateway Masters Pairs 1985 R Morgan

Internationals who have played for us in one or more seasons are:-

J R Haines International 1982-1986 Fours Gold Medal, Commonwealth Games, Aberdeen 1984 

M Sekjer International 1985/6, 1990/02, 1994/96, EBA National Singles 2002 English Bowls Association 

E.B.A is now the Bowls England B.E.